We offer guidance and consulting throughout your planning and construction process. Knowing the solutions available, you can select fair-and-equitable green solutions that support your budget, offer long-term results, and keep your project compliant.


It’s critical that your project meets strict budget and timeline constraints, so you can be open for business. Through creative, strategic conversations, we’ll discuss erosion and stormwater control options, consider your budget and timeline, and select the right solution.


As you drill, lay pipe down, create roads, or quarry, you need an experienced team you can trust to provide erosion control, perimeter control, land reclamation, and more. Rely on our expertise to do it right the first time, with long-term results and 100% compliance.

Environmental contracting in Colorado and the Southwest:


If you’re responsible for a large government, commercial, mining, oil, or gas project that requires a stormwater permit and must meet EPA regulations, call Environmental Logistics now, while you’re in the planning stages.

A full-service environmental contracting company, Environmental Logistics is an industry leader in large-scale erosion control, perimeter control, reclamation, revegetation in the U.S. West and Southwest. You can rely on our substantial expertise and experience for even the toughest jobs, including successfully revegetating steep, high-altitude slopes in the Rocky Mountains.

Known for our consultative process, we’ll help you determine your project’s specific needs, clarify budget and timeline constraints, and present potential solutions. Once you understand the available solutions – and any ongoing maintenance requirements – you can select the solution that meets your project’s requirements and budget, offers the best long-term result, and is environmentally friendly.

We do all this while ensuring your project is 100% compliant. Our clients pass Storm Water inspections with flying colors, which means they avoid fines, paperwork, and work stoppage. Because we do it right the first time, you can stay focused on your project, while we implement green erosion-control solutions and manage compliance.

Meet your project, budget, and compliance requirements.

Contact us for the right solution for the long-term.

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