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Expert solutions to solve your toughest problems

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Environmental Logistics serves the Colorado and Southwest (project areas include Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming). Since 1998, we have designed, installed, and maintained comprehensive erosion control, perimeter control, and revegetation solutions for government entities, mining corporations, oil and gas corporations, and commercial developers.

Environmental Logistics provides the following environmental contracting services:

  • Land reclamation and revegetation
  • Sediment/erosion control
  • Perimeter control
  • Slope stabilization and restoration
  • Terraseeding and compost blankets
  • Stream bank and wetland restoration
  • Stormwater pollution prevention
  • Landscaping and irrigation
  • Professional services including certified inspectors for EPA audits

We help you work with the environment, not against it

Environmental Logistics is committed to providing the solution that meets your site’s budget and compliance requirements. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the right solution – one that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and provides long-term results.

In addition, we provide 100% compliance – including submitting all appropriate reports and documentation – to ensure your site meets the appropriate compliance requirements (city, county, state, and/or EPA). This allows you to focus on your job while we manage your erosion control and regulatory challenges.

Why choose Environmental Logistics?

We believe Environmental Logistics is your best choice for environmental contracting services in the Rocky Mountains and Southwest. We offer decades of experience, a range of effective solutions, and a track record of 100% compliance. Our “do it right the first time” philosophy means you get a reliable, professional team working with you.

Here are more reasons why Environmental Logistics is your best choice for the right solution:

Offering the leadership, experience, staff, and equipment to get the job done right

Founded in 1998 by Jennifer Mirowski, CEO, Environmental Logistics began operations as a land reclamation contractor specializing in revegetation for the West and Southwest. Through the years, the company excelled at high-altitude revegetation and built a sterling reputation for successful high-altitude, steep-slope restoration and revegetation. Today, services range from erosion control and perimeter control to stormwater pollution prevention and professional services such as certified inspections.

Mirowski founded the company with a deep belief in keeping the great outdoors native by using natural solutions whenever possible. Environmental Logistics is committed to creating effective solutions that offer low impact for the environment, are cost effective, are as green as possible, and provide long-term results. (Contact us to discuss green alternatives to standard practices for erosion control.)

Environmental Logistics offers the staff, capabilities, and equipment to tackle your environmental contracting project. The company:

  • Employs a staff of 40 technicians and support personnel (the management staff has a combined total of approximately 60 years of industry experience)
  • Is able to tackle any size project and offers a depth of experience with large-scale contracts
  • With a bonding capacity of $2.5 million / $15 million, can support large capital projects
  • Owns the equipment to meet any size job, including a pneumatic express blower truck for high-altitude seeding (Contact us for an equipment list, available upon request)
  • Has received multiple industry innovation awards

Certified as a DBE, SBE, and WBE with multiple industry certifications

Environmental Logistics’ ongoing experience, continual education, federal NAICS codes, and industry certifications keep us on the leading edge. Environmental Logistics holds the following certifications:

  • DBE, SBE, Woman Owned Business
  • Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise for the following entities: DOT (CO, AZ, UT, NM, WY), City/County of Denver, RTD, City of Phoenix, EPA
  • Colorado Department of Transportation Storm Water Certification
  • Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality

Industry memberships include:

  • HTPA Board Member
  • CEC Founding Member
  • CEC Education Chairperson
  • IECA National Member

Bringing creative solutions to the table through consultation and education

Time and again, we’ve witnessed this fact: Doing the right thing for the environment is the most cost-effective solution over the long run. Known for our consultative approach, we’ll team with project managers early in the planning stages to identify green solutions that meet your project and budget requirements.

Offering best-management practices for the environmental contracting industry

We implement tried-and-true best-management practices, plus we’re on the forefront of the latest advances. Our clients appreciate that we take time to talk with them, educate them, and help them determine whether new approaches, procedures, or leading-edge technology may suit their site’s needs.

Ensuring 100% compliance at all levels

With a focus on EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES), we are leaders in our ability to ensure maximum compliance at all levels. Throughout the design, installation, and maintenance phases, we bring an advanced level of expertise and regulatory knowledge to our clients’ projects. Starting with the planning process, our clients rely on our guidance and expertise throughout the entire construction process.

Backed by a proven track record of success, we are uniquely able to stand behind our services with a level of support that is unmatched in the West and Southwest. In fact, since Environmental Logistics was founded in 1998, our clients’ sites have remained 100% compliant.

Every site has its challenges – Environmental Logistics has your solution

With Environmental Logistics, you get cradle-to-grave solutions, an experienced team, and real results. We specialize in the toughest situations. Whether your site requires erosion control, perimeter control, slope stabilization, revegetation, or stormwater measures, Environmental Logistics will plan, install, maintain, and inspect to ensure you get results and 100% compliance.

Meet your project, budget, and compliance requirements.
Contact us for the right solution for the long-term.

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