Everyday Sustainability Practices to Improve our Environment

Becoming more environmentally friendly is gradually growing in popularity across the United States. With the help of this useful article posted by West Virginia’s Gazette-Mail, we have pointed out tips to to lead a more sustainable lifestyle one step at a time.

Composting is trending among all sorts of people and living environments. From gardeners, farmers, to people residing in city apartments, people are finding different ways to reduce their carbon footprint and find great use for the compost they’re creating. Composting can be done indoors or outdoors, and is a way to turn your everyday waste into valuable additions to soil for growing purposes. Even better, some environmentally-conscience people are composting who don’t even actively garden, and then donating their compost to friends or community gardens!

Another sustainability trend rising in popularity is using rain barrels to catch water as it drains from the roof – rather than using water from the tap to nourish plants. In addition to utilizing this “free” water source, you are also decreasing the amount of water draining into storm sewers and streams. There are many variations of rain barrels available to use: ranging from homemade barrels to dozens of different designs and colors available for purchase.

There are numerous ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and these suggestions above are just a start. Smaller tasks could be: having your power equipment regularly serviced to reduce fuel waste, testing soil to reduce fertilizer waste, limiting pesticide use, and growing perennials rather than annuals to reduce the use of resources. However, take note that even if you are living in a city apartment and not actively outdoor gardening, there are still ways to help our environment. By simply just contacting someone who gardens locally and offering to supply them with compost is a fantastic way to start out on your journey to reduce your carbon footprint.

example of home composting

example of home composting from http://ecohomeideas.com/how-to-create-a-simple-compost-pile/

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