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Rely on our expertise to do it right the first time, with long-term results and full compliance

You keep tabs on your bottom line, and you know the importance of doing it right the first time. So do we. Plus, it’s critical to implement solutions with long-lasting results that continually pass inspections. Our clients have learned that the cheapest solution doesn’t work over the long term – and it can seriously undermine your ability to run an effective, efficient, streamlined, and profitable project.

Environmental Logistics offers a wealth of experience and expertise as well as years of teaming with mining, oil, and gas corporations to implement effective solutions that are affordable, long lasting, and environmentally friendly.

As you drill, lay pipe and pads, create roads, quarry, or mine for aggregate, the landscape is significantly disturbed. There’s no question about it. We can’t put it back exactly as you found it, but often we can get close. And sometimes we can make it better!

We’ll team with you throughout your project to provide:

  • Erosion control including slope stabilization
  • Land reclamation including revegetation
  • Perimeter control throughout the activity

Offering cradle-to-grave services for mining, oil, and gas corporations

Environmental Logistics designs, installs, and maintains comprehensive solutions specifically designed to meet the project, budget, and compliance requirements for your site. We allow you to focus on your job by managing or eliminating your erosion control and regulatory challenges.

Look to Environment Logistics for the following services:

    • Erosion control, sediment control, and perimeter control – Our erosion control technologies lead the industry with a range of traditional methods such as silt fence to advanced methods including compost waddles (compost socks) embedded with native, non-invasive seeds and custom-designed solutions.
    • Slope stabilization, restoration, land reclamation, and revegetation – Specializing in tough situations, we provide high-quality, high-efficiency hydro-seeding, drill seeding, and terra-seeding operations. We focus on natural products that include native, non-invasive seeds and offer long-term, environmentally friendly results. Plus, we’ve earned a sterling reputation as the leader in high-altitude revegetation. (We grow grass where other contractors have failed, including successfully terra-seeding the upper reaches and steep slopes of Independence Pass, Colorado.)
    • Stream bank and wetland restoration – Environmental Logistics provides expert stream bank stabilization and wetland restoration. We specialize in tough situations including roadside streams and hillsides and temporary construction access roads through wetlands and seasonal wetlands.
    • Stormwater pollution prevention – Our in-house experts have provided stormwater pollution prevention programs to our clients since 2003. As a result, we have established a reputation in the construction industry and with regulators as a trusted advisor. Our prevention program includes use of current industry best practices and accepted regulatory practices to ensure compliance and stress-free sites. We design procedures, plan implementation, and conduct recurring inspections to ensure 100% compliance.
    • Professional services – Are you in the planning stages of a large-scale project? Do you need consultation for an upcoming EPA audit or to review a bid? If you need expert consultation or certified stormwater inspectors, look to Environmental Logistics to educate your team, prepare plans, assess budgets, evaluate tough situations, or inspect your site to ensure it meets stated requirements. Environmental Logistics has the in-house expertise to help.

Meet your project, budget, and compliance requirements.
Contact us for the right solution for the long-term.

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