Encana Corporation – Leadville

Encana Corporation – Leadville

Vegetated compost waddles offer effective perimeter control (without being devoured or trampled by wildlife) as well as long-term revegetation

Challenge: While Encana Corporation’s in-house team addresses much of its erosion-control and perimeter-control solutions, they often look to Environmental Logistics for expertise. For example, while constructing pads near Leadville, the team struggled to maintain the perimeter, because the wildlife found it to be delicious!

Two frequently used methods do not offer the best solution, particularly if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, long-term solution. An affordable but less-than-perfect solution is straw waddles, which float when it rains and can easily be trampled by livestock. The most common perimeter control option, silt fence, is not a viable option if the terrain is rocky and forested.

Solution: Environmental Logistics provided vegetated compost waddles, which look like giant snakes. Also called compost socks, these waddles were seeded with native and non-invasive seed that the animals won’t eat. These compost waddles also withstand trampling. This “green” solution is significantly more effective and environmentally friendly than black plastic or straw socks. Since it’s an organic solution, if there’s spillage, the compost’s bacteria will break down the oil, another way this is a better long-term solution.

When the construction phase is complete, the team can cut open the 100% organic compost waddles to smooth out the perimeter and easily return the landscape to a natural look. An “all-in-one” solution, the vegetated compost waddles offer erosion control, high-altitude seeding, and revegetation. Plus, companies can choose from photo-degradable or biodegradable socks.

The vegetated compost sock is a relatively new erosion-control and perimeter-control solution. While it’s not the cheapest solution available, it’s an excellent way to address the many environmental issues for your mining, oil, or gas project – for today and for the long term. Kudos to Encana for choosing an effective, environmentally friendly solution for this project.

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