KinderMorgan – Telluride

KinderMorgan – Telluride

After significant impact, Environmental Logistics is able to reshape, stabilize, and revegetate steep, high-altitude hillside near Telluride

Challenge: Drilling for natural gas on a steep hillside high in the Rocky Mountains is not an easy task. As KinderMorgan investigated a high-altitude hillside near Telluride, the team built roads, drilled down, installed pipeline, and built concrete pads. This process changed the face of a 3-acre hillside, created significant disruption to the terrain, and invited soil erosion. The company needed to stabilize the slope in order to conduct business, return the slope to a natural and attractive state, and stay compliant with EPA regulations.

Solution: KinderMorgan had attempted to reseed previous comparable projects, but they weren’t entirely successful, due to the high altitude and short growing season. They knew Environmental Logistics had a successful track record of high-altitude revegetation. Therefore, the company contracted with Environmental Logistics to reshape, maintain, and revegetate the entire slope.

Environmental Logistics installed a compost blanket with embedded native grass seed and brought in native plants to usher in new vegetation and literally set down roots. In addition, we planted saplings – native species chosen because they thrive in this harsh environment and are not eaten by local fauna. In addition, we added a protection layer to ensure wildlife would not destroy the seedlings and saplings. Environmental Logistics was able to stabilize the 3 acres, reshape the hillside, and make the terrain look as natural as possible.

Today, the hillside is natural looking with permanent vegetation and no erosion issues. After two growing seasons, it’s going native. Thanks to KinderMorgan’s dedication to a long-term, sustainable solution, Environmental Logistics was able to transform a heavily disrupted hillside into a natural, native environment.

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