RTD Light Rail West Corridor

RTD Light Rail West Corridor


Supporting RTD Light Rail West Corridor with a $3 million contract for erosion-control solutions

Challenge: Denver’s RTD Light Rail West Corridor is funded on the local, state, and federal level, which means RTD must meet myriad environmental regulations throughout the construction process. This transit project affects multiple cities and counties, each with different specs and needs. Therefore, the specifications needed to meet the highest level requirements across the board (EPA).

Of course, it’s crucial that erosion-control and perimeter-control solutions meet the project’s budget as well. In the early stages of this project, planners harbored an outdated concept of “standard” erosion control. They envisioned rolls of black plastic lining the 8-mile construction zone. As an erosion-control method, plastic is not effective, not biodegradable, not attractive, not a long-term solution, and not affordable when you consider installation and removal. Simply put, plastic is not the right solution for an 8-mile construction zone.

Solution: Through in-depth consultations and education, Environmental Logistics changed the planners’ thought process. We discussed options for the 8-mile corridor including all construction phases and finished landscaping. Environmental Logistics presented budget-friendly options that offered long-term, environmentally friendly solutions versus “standard” erosion-control measures.

As the planners’ understanding of requirements grew, the scope of the project grew as well. In total, the $3 million contract calls for Environmental Logistics to provide erosion control throughout all construction phases along the 8-mile corridor. At this time, construction is winding down, and Environmental Logistics is landscaping the corridor with xeriscaping as well as attractive, high-end landscaping in public areas.

The icing on the cake for the planners and construction superintendents is that Environmental Logistics provides all the required paperwork – and does it right the first time. This includes daily inspections to meet EPA requirements (certified payrolls, daily/weekly/monthly reports, etc.). Environmental Logistics is committed to doing everything right, from implementing the project activities to submitting required documentation.

Thanks to the planners embracing a long-term perspective, Environmental Logistics is providing integral support and environmentally friendly solutions throughout the entire scope of this large, multi-year infrastructure project.

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