Snow Maintenance

Environmental Logistics Snow Maintenance.

When hiring a snow maintenance company to handle your snow season control issues, dependability should be your utmost concern. While price is always an issue, the quality of the service provider should be paramount.

At Environmental Logistics we pride ourselves on our snow service abilities. Our program begins late September and continues until the last snow fall of the season. We staff our properties with the tools, labor, and back up necessary for every snow event, ensuring you that your sites are clean and safe during the winter months.

Our policy at Environmental Logistics is to start operations depending on each and every storm. We always keep our clients requirements in mind regarding specifications to their contract. Prior to all snow storms, clients will be notified that we expect to see snow and that we will be out on their sites as the storm rolls through. During the storm and after you can expect to see pictures and updates, helping to keep both the client and Environmental Logistics on the same track.

Supervisors are running sites throughout the storms and are in constant communication with crews. Clients emergency calls are dispatched through the on call cell and are addressed in a timely manner.

Services performed and Equipment:

  • Standard truck and 8’-0’’ plow
  • Hand shoveling
  • Snow blower
  • Blowing and sweeping
  • Ice melts products and sand salt
  • Sander Truck
  • Dump truck
  • Skid loader

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