Soil Erosion – Ephemeral Gullies

As you many know, there are many types of soil erosion and ways it can occur.  One type of soil erosion due to water movement is gully erosion, which is the removal of soil along drainage lines by surface water runoff.  Ephemeral gullies are a particular problem for farmers, as they are a significant cause of soil loss in agricultural fields, washing away topsoil therefore reducing the fertility of the cropland.  These ephemeral gullies form when rain runoff creates a channel through farmers fields.  They disappear when a farmer tills the land but recur with the next rain event.

Iowa State has created a soil erosion project that looks to control these preventable, ephemeral gullies.  Many of the reservoirs in Iowa are being filled with sediment, reducing their capacity to hold water, in turn leaving it no where to go.  This buildup increases the water level and the opportunity for damage to the soil. The university has partnered with Argen Inc. on the project, using new computer software to design soil conservation systems such as grassed waterways.  The software will allow the project teams to target specific areas and plan conservation practices for ephemeral erosion control which will lower soil loss the most.

We at Environmental Logistics specialize in erosion control and look forward to hearing how this this research project progresses!  If you are in need of erosion control assistance, contact us today!

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