Wisconsin Pushes Clean Clear Waters Initiative

A new house in Shorewood Hills, a suburb of Madison, WI has recently been featured because of the builders’ dedicated efforts to prevent all stormwater runoff. John Imes, the owner of the home, worked in tandem with Jeff Simon of J. Simon Design Build, who was the project contractor and builder. The two were recognized for their efforts by Madison’s Green Built Home program. The program rolled out a new Clean Clear Waters Challenge this year, and Imes and Simon have been named the first-time winners of the challenge.

This new effort encourages builders to protect state lakes by better managing stormwater runoff, which causes soil erosion and water contamination. The home building project that showcases the best practices in landscaping, lawn care and other efforts to reduce run-off becomes the winner of the Clean Clear Waters Challenge.

Imes and Simon collaborated to eliminate the home’s rooftop runoff by using rain barrels and rain gardens to capture the water. Also during construction of the home, advanced erosion control and storm water management practices were enforced to prevent contamination of area lakes.

The biggest highlight of the Clean Clear Waters Challenge is the clear-cut instructions for over forty ways to guide home builders on how to become more environmentally conscious during the construction process. Not only is the program encouraging builders to go above and beyond, but they’re providing them with the tools to accomplish the task.

Obviously a huge congratulations goes out to Imes and Simon for successfully constructing a home with such an expertly created rooftop rainwater recover system, but credit to Madison’s Green Built Home program is necessary as well. Finding ways to encourage clean water initiatives in various communities is an example other states should follow, and we at Environmental Logistics fully support the efforts of Madison’s Green Built Home program.

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